Birth Kuwait NCS Workshop

This workshop is for Birth Kuwait members only.

Our online program is evidence-based, self-paced and available 24/7. Each section contains an audiovisual PowerPoint, worksheets and a quiz. At the end of the course, you take a 150 T/F and multiple choice exam to earn your certificate of completion.

The cost of the program is $450-500 and includes online access, a 185-page textbook that is professionally bound and has been reviewed by industry leaders and medical professionals, membership to our online student only Facebook group, and a certificate of completion upon passing the final exam.

There are no prerequisites to take this workshop.

Your Instructor

Haleigh Almquist
Haleigh Almquist

Haleigh began working as a nanny in 2002 before she became an Newborn Care Specialist in 2007. Haleigh founded Hush Little Baby, LLC, a newborn care company providing elite Newborn Specialists in the Washington DC area. Hush Little Baby now provides overnight care across the country! While searching for staff to be apart of Hush Little Baby, Haleigh realized the shortage of newborn care education being offered to potential newborn professionals. Haleigh is an Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Lactation Counselor, and DONA trained Postpartum Doula. Haleigh joined with Brittany in 2013 to provide students interested in newborn care the opportunity for hands on and online learning through the Newborn Care Training Academy. Haleigh is excited to share her knowledge about newborn care with professionals across the world.

Course Curriculum

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