Contract Language

COVID-19 Contract Language

Disclaimer: Before using any language provided below it is pertinent that you have the material reviewed by your personal attorney before adding to a contract.

  • Should client require any type of medical testing (ex. COVID-19) prior to the start date of services, Client is responsible for all related expenses.
  • Client understands that by having newborn care, they are assuming the risk of exposure to COVID-19. To obtain services in person you assume the risk and waive all liability.
  • Client agrees to take certain precautions which will help keep everyone safer from exposure and illness. Newborn Care Specialist will also take certain precautions to do their part to keep clients safe. (Add in precautions below, examples have been included). Note if you add in precautions and the client finds out you are not following them it could be cause for termination of contract.
  1. Only serving 1 family at a time
  2. Not using public transportation
  3. Utilizing social distancing OR self isolation when off shift (pick one)
  4. Regular temperature and health checks
  5. Hand washing per CDC Standards
  6. Utilizing delivery services for personal items
  • Client must notify Newborn Care Specialist immediately if anyone in their home has been exposed to COVID-19 and Newborn Care Specialist must notify Client immediately if they have had any possible exposures.
  • Any hours cancelled due to pandemics or state of emergencies, as recognized by local, state or national governments will be made up concluding the pandemic or state of emergency, not to exceed a 3 month time frame of date of cancellation. Client may choose to cancel the remainder of the contract in full and will be billed (insert % or flat fee here) of the remaining services.
  • If baby or family member in the house hold becomes ill, it is up to the discretion of the Newborn Care Specialist whether or not she will be providing care. The number of missed shifts will be added to the end of the contract, which shall be extended accordingly, should Client choose not to accept back-up care during any period of absence, illness or incapacitation on the part of the primary NCS.
  • Should the client require the NCS to shelter in place 14 days prior to the start day at the clients place of residence, the client will pay the NCS 1/2 rate for each day they are sheltering. If the NCS is required to perform any duties during that time, the NCS will be paid at their full rate.